About Us

Travolier was founded in 2018 in Singapore as a travel platform and member's club. Post-covid, aiming to expand across Europe and restructuring: TravolierPAY L.T.D. was founded in the UK, consolidated its subsidiaries and launched a new multi-brand gold-back loyalty program – by keeping the customer as a focal point of the Ecosystem, not just the brands.

Travolier is an affiliate publishing platform of products, brands and services with membership as a nucleus of the Ecosystem connected with one eGOLD loyalty point.


Travolier aims to broaden the range of online and offline services, including e-commerce, travel, social lifestyle community network platform, integrated with universal loyalty points exchange and fintech, such as debit cards, digital banking, electronic money, pre-paid cards and smartphone app payments. Linking these various services through a unified membership and loyalty program, Travolier will create one of the most inclusive and harmonious ecosystems.

Beyond enjoying these services – not limited to shopping, streaming experience, banking, and more – members can earn eGOLD Points, which can be redeemed across the travolier network of 1000s of lifestyle brands.

The Travolier Marketplace is a customer-centric, holistic gold reward network where both the customer & local brand earns rewards in eGOLD points. Travolier enables and rewards members across multiple brands and services; the Travolier platform is holistic, minimizes customer acquisition costs, harnesses the member's lifetime value, and drives the growth of gross transaction value (GTV). Now members can easily access services across the Ecosystem using a single Travolier member ID.

Travolier now serves as product publisher for many famous brands beyond travel combined with loyalty points exchange wallet, travel shop, and the world's first eGOLD loyalty points.


TravolierGOLD is powering third-party loyalty programs for local brands to reach a global audience in a unified borderless platform. Its objective is to bring all local brands, hotels, flights, vacation homes, restaurants, shopping malls and leisure service providers into a gold alliance with one universally rewarding and redemption travel currency. It unifies the local brands, improves visibility and empowers them to attract the right customers with direct booking at a fraction of booking fees. The earn, burn, and exchange of multi-branded loyalty points within frictionless universal loyalty wallet -TravolierGOLD transforms loyalty points/miles into a fungible gold currency and creates a gold economy.


TravolierGOLD is a unified payment and rewards tender across the Ecosystem. It connects the entire travel ecosystem; it rewards every step of the member's engagement with international and local brands, an inclusive loyalty program, end-to-end circle of loyalty from member acquisition, rewards, redemption, exchange, social to banking solutions. The world's first and only loyalty program where members earn eGOLD -- not points -- with every purchase

Our Award-winning TravolierGOLD, the one eGOLD reward point, provides access to multiple brands and bespoke privileges at wholesale rates. TravolierGOLD can be monetized, traded, or redeemed for all travel-related payments.

Vision & Mission


Our vision is to connect individuals and businesses worldwide through the most rewarding and engaging loyalty marketplace.

Enabling users to earn, burn, exchange, and consolidate all rewards beyond borders and brands in a transparent, holistic, and secured infrastructure.

Our guiding principle is to optimize and reward at every stage of the customer journey cycle.

Our mission is to turn rewards points into fungible points to make them more valuable for their issuers (businesses) and customers.

Travolier point's infrastructure is cohesive, frictionless, liquifying. The objective is to empower customers, leisure service providers, and local brands with a unified infrastructure to transact within a secure customer-centric ecosystem-centric.