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Travolier rewards on the mission to the power loyalty program of local business - attract a direct purchase and engage the customer with the power of GOLD.

Now, Local Hotels & Restaurants Brands, Airlines, Shopping Malls, Destinations, Marquis Events, Theme parks, and Sports Clubs can partner with international lifestyle brands - and give the customer a global network. So the customer never thinks twice to purchase before purchasing directly.

Travolier Offers

Everyone loves GOLD. Incentivise passive shoppers to be active buyers with TravolierGOLD's points give users a golden reason to buy.

Travolier Gold

Reward the REAL GOLD for shopper loyalty—TravolierGOLD - gold-backed points as cashback rewards at point-of-purchase.

Power of Gold

The tangible reward in eGOLD for the customer is better than offering a cashback discount.

Travolier Members Profile

Drive target and influence engagement as per purchase behaviour.

GOLD for Direct Purchase

Faster conversation with the member's lifetime value and drives the growth of gross transaction value (GTV).

Increase Conversion

Partners experience an efficient way to attract new buyers, from Travolier Global Members - discovery to checkout all within Travolier.


Join the Travolier Affiliate program for direct purchase.

Should your customer purchase with other partners on Travolier - you will earn along with the customer in GOLD. All we do is - share our commission. It's that simple!

Pay with TravolierGOLD

Save on high forex charges & bank charges when paid directly with TravolierGOLD points.

We succeed with our partners and members.

Travolier reimagines the new social marketplace.

Local brands can capitalise on eCommerce retail sales by selling GOLD points.

How will you attract Travolier members?

Travolier curates search results for its member for available offers as per their passion and purchase behaviour - to help members get the right product at the right price and earn ONE GOLD-BACKED POINT. Member's save money on exclusive deals, while businesses save marketing and booking fees of other channels and reward the portion of its saving to members in the form of GOLD.


Attract and engage millions of shoppers to make real-time purchasing with REAL GOLD.

Get started with Travolier Rewards today.